Leveling and Rank System Explained.

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    There are 8 different ranks the player can have. These ranks are earned by killing players and mobs, which leads to leveling up. Once a certain threshold is met (a certain level & time played), the player will rank up. There is a maximum of 50 levels. Each rank has its own unique perks, such as nicks or personal vaults. Each rank inherits the perks from the previous rank. The ranks and requirements are as follows:
    Time Played: 0
    Level Required: 0
    Time Played: 10 minutes
    Level Required: 5
    Time Played: 30 minutes
    Level Required: 10
    Time Played: 2 hours
    Level Required: 20
    Time Played: 5 hours
    Level Required: 30
    Time Played: 10 hours
    Level Required: 40
    Time Played: 15 hours
    Level Required: 45
    Time Played: 15 hours
    Level Required: 50